Sunday, February 6, 2011

Starbucks 4

Yousef never really loved a person before. He did have his occasional crushes in his previous school years, with gorgeously looking girls always within his sight, but never really loved a person. He respected girls, appreciated love, but never experienced it.

On the other hand, girls were all over Yousef. They were awed, by his mysterious personality. The calmness he always possessed, his well built body and his smile.

7amad, was a different story. 7amad loved the attention. He was the popular guy, and he always wanted to drag Yousef into the same kind of life. 7amad, did get the girls. He actually tossed them around, having a relationship one day, and breaking up for stupid reasons the other. 7amad was frustrated by Yousef's lack of action toward the girls that desperately longed for just a kind word from him.

Yousef was entertained by 7amad's short relationships. How 7amad would promise love and be all serious about it and shortly later, he would be dissing the girl and making fun of her, being mad. And the cycle would continue for months to come. Yousef often also offered fruitful advice to 7amad, when asked for, and they would, most of the time, work. 7amad always wondered how a guy like Yousef, with minimal experience, would know so much about girls and their lives, how they acted and how to deal with it.

"Why the fuck doesn't he date someone?" 7amad repeatedly asked.


Yousef just woke up from a deep sleep on the comfortable King-Sized bed of Jumeirah Beach's Movenpick. It was about 3:30 PM and he was hungry. 5aled would be reaching Dubai by 8:00 PM so he wouldn't wait that long for him without food. Showering in the white bathroom, and went down to 'The Walk' to look for his favorite Indian restaurant, Indian Palace.

Whilst eating, a brilliantly cooked Beryani, Yousef was thinking about that previous sighting.

Where Was she heading?
Who was with her?
Why the fuck is she so gorgeous?
Why am I still thinking about her?
Did she notice me?
Is she possibly in Dubai?

He tried spotting her in Gate 21, the Fly Emirates gate in Kuwait's airport, but he didn't find her. She engulfed his mind, she was constantly there, mingling in him, infiltrating his heart. Why?

He then shifted his thoughts to what he was going to do in Dubai. Suddenly a faint smile built up on his face. Yousef was planning on having fun here, with 5aled as usual.
He then remembered 5aled's comment once in a gathering in their gahwa, "Yousef Dbay 3'air 3an Yousef LeKwait, 3'aaiiir."
The smile turned from a faint one to an outright one.

"Do you want a refill on that Heineken, sir?" Asked the waitress.

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