Thursday, May 28, 2009


first, Congragulations to all Barca fans for the win last night. Had great fun watching it as a neutral and the atmosphere in the gahwa was electryfying.
Msaaakeeen il Man U, at the beginning they were fantastic, bess chan yshane9 Etoo and scores .. and turns the table round. 
Wellee really Ybe6 il Chabd ina Guardiola in one year got the triple, whilst managers stay for years and decades and still didnt smell the scent of the Champions League trophy.

The other thing is that my exams will be on full throttle this sunday and I know that i'll stress out big time. Shno hatha, Kel il imte7aanat nafs il wakt o the 1st 2 exams, Maths o Chemistry, ta3al Fachech, Bess il 7emdillaa dares o 5ale9, o Inshalla sahalat.

Shnoo hatha, waiin il naaas, 3aaadee jedan inee im talking to some bunch of nothing. Walla comment, o madree shlon a3arf chm wa7ed entered here. Elleee Bel ghala6 stubmbled on this blog and found the first couple of posts good, then please advertise, la2ana ana mo mal hal suwalef. 

O b3d Shagoool, Summer grayeb o the holidays are starting, Fogs Lebnan ya 3alam. Bess wedee ag3d ibalakontee o a6ale3 il 6abeee3a, Ya sallaaaaam. Hathe il 7aya wela Balash.

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