Sunday, May 31, 2009

June, Mixed Feelings

I dont know, Y3ne do i look forward for this month or no?
My report will be out by mid-june which is an experience I always like to have, its the adrenaline rush that I get when the ' moment of truth ' arrives and hits me. Another thing that makes really want to like june is that the holidays will start, and its always a great sense of relief and comfort, that you finished a chapter of your life, and you dont need to go back to it. 

The disadvantages of this month, is the exams that i will have extensively, that really stress me out, although i try to not show it but the exams have their effect on me. Also, because next year is the life and death year, in terms of education, the prospect that this time next year i would be in more exams and papers that I ever thought of, and that the stress will be unbearable is something i dont look forward to. 
The end of the football season has its toll too on me. When you are finally free and empty, and want to see stuff , you are surprised that there is no football, they should really consider making the summer a part of the football season. There the weather is very good, why not. At least in Kuwait we have the excuse that the temp. can go over 50 degrees, but there, their best weather's sometimes are in the summer.

Well, good luck on the start of the new month, and have great holidays ppl.

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