Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Bad Dream

Y3ne ana ma tyeelee il a7lam ila bel aw8at il 93ba, Sh-hal 7a9' il bo 6aga?
il mohem 7elmt ine ad3am yahel o atheb7a, o gets followed by police cars o seyartee is not good, y3ne mo mitrage3 :(.

6ab3an ana my dreams 3'air 3an il nas, I dream reality dreams, y3ne the feeling are real, ba39' il marat agoom alagee nafse crying, balla hathe 7ala?
Bess il 7amillaa, the msg tone of my phone saves the day :).

Tomorrow i have chemistry o maths, I studied well for both bess 5ayef, 7ail 5ayef. 5ayef ansa my pencil case, wela the inc dries out. I dread these things, O mabe y9eeronn feeenee.

The Holiday is in 1 week and a half, Ana Tamzeeejee Lebnaan, A7la dawla fe il jazeera il 3arabeya, O the best people, O the most beautiful people. They have tho8 o Elegance u cant find in any other place, 9ij Oroba il 3arab.

Ed3oooleee 4 my exams.

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