Monday, April 14, 2014


The smile is everything. The joy she conveys is universal but only unique to her. Life lives in her as she lives herself. Culture is united within Sarah. What would one want but music, art and the heart of a loving soul?

"اللي بيني و بينك أكبر من السوالف." 

"Ali, I love you. Ali, your presence in my life is unmatched by anybody." She utters those words as if I do add anything into her ever-blossoming existence. It's the other way round really. One would feel the days without her as lacking essence, lacking life. I'm the fortunate one having her, and since those first few days of Twitter directs until the long hours of Skype sessions, which make time stop as Sarah recounts the events of her past few weeks/months, Sarah never seized being the Sarah I know, the Sarah of exotic innocence. 

It's hard to find any eloquence in describing Sarah because she really doesn't require any eloquence. It's the vague simplicity of her manner that makes her arise from the boring ordinary. She yearns for my onlooking eye, my unbiased analysis of her expeditions, those quite eye-boggling adventures, and I'm always happy to provide the advise she seeks, whether she takes it or not. But the tales that she recounts only add to my need to be there, next to her. I want to protect my Sarah, shield her from the flirtatious eyes of her admirers and the stabs of her enviers. Yet my nods of dual apprehension is the response, as the fact that I can't be there is set solid. 

And there is that desired kiss. 

It's very hard for my heart to flutter when one appears on my screen. But Sarah is different. Sarah enchants the core of my senses, bringing me to a state of elation translated into a smile that I can't resist. And the eyes are a different story, requiring their own piece. However she looks, she's mesmerizing and memorable, and addictive. That is exactly how I know that I love my Sarah. 

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