Tuesday, April 22, 2014


When he looks into her eye, the reverence of a prayer is formed within him.
She's the supplication of an orphan in need of a parent's lap. 
She's the divinity of his life, the just judge of right and wrong. 
Her anger is the wrath of hell and her pleasure is the bliss of heaven. 
Mercy is nothing but a kiss.

He's an outright sinner.
He's the guilty works of the devil. 
He's the naughtiness of a wrongdoer, the abolished conscience of evil. 
He's the motto of vile, the title of immorality. 

She's the innocence of a good child, the cultivation of virtue. 
She's the look of love. 
She's the holiness of faith. 
An epitome of repute, an exemplar of decency. 
She's the beauty of Joseph, the patience of Job, the doctrine of Noah, the trust of Ishmael. 

And the two met.

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