Thursday, April 17, 2014

To The Left, To The Left

To those who don't know me well, well I'm a lefty. I write with my left hand. 
But then again, is this disclosure worthy of a blog post? Well, no. 

Okay. Let me try again. [This talking to the reader thing isn't working out so well with me so far]. [Why am I saying/writing 'well' a lot?] Sorry sorry. Back to the subject of this blog post. Fuck, I don't like where this is going. 

I'm listening to Laura - M7amad 3abdu, very nice song written by late Ghazi Al-G9aiby. 

Okay okay. So, to those who didn't talk to me for a while, or didn't get a lecture about the benefits of social justice and/or the woes of the bourgeoisie in the world, let me announce this: I'm a lefty. Lefty in the sense that I, on the political/economical spectrum of historical theories and world views, am on the left of things. 

This means I do not like capitalism. And it also means that I like socialism and communism. Wow. Such an important thing to disclose right? I apologize for dismaying you. 

Such a bland blog post mu? 

Asef. قاعد أعيد ذكريات الماضي بالكتابة الحرة وما إلى ذلك من ترهات. 

3ad really do you know what really surprised me recently, and is making me doubt my 12 years of Arabic language education? So you know when you write in Arabic? Okay. What does 'and' mean in Arabic? "و" right? So it's its own word mu? But the trick is that when you write it, you don't put a space between it and the word after it. Let me show you. 
Example: "مشيت مع جعفر و فجحان." This is wrong. 
"مشيت مع جعفر وفجحان." This is correct. 
I was stunned when I knew of this :(. *The choice of names is the result of my efforts to bring together the social divides in Kuwaiti society. We, the lefties of this world, do this. And call each other comrade flan and other stuff, you know, we're cool like that.*

Now I'm listening to "صوتك يناديني" by 3abdu as well. 


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