Tuesday, March 11, 2014


One needs an outlet. One needs to blow off some steam, and one is just bored of reality.
One is disappointed, ungrateful and lazy/slacking/being not one's self.
One is helpless, caged, depressed, hateful, heartbroken, torn and angry.
One needs fantasy, love, courage, friendship and faith. One lacks all.

One is surrounded by amazing people. One is loved by many. One is remembered by all. But one only wants one. One has only one target. And one cannot accept that that one is not to be. Never meant to be and never will be.

One is being practical.

One is sad.

One made mistakes. One lost his heart. One became an automatic machine. One's days are just numbers, and one's hours are simply times. One remembers but has no memory. One is too afraid.

One's moments of such are temporary. One will be smiling in a few seconds. One will overcome this and return to normalcy.
Yet one fears.
One fears the yearning, the longing, the heartaches. One is not crushed but is duly tortured by such feelings. One relied on time, but time failed one, and one is giving up to grueling reality.

One wants to be so wrong. But one's heart is sure enough.

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