Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tired Letters

It is a rare occurrence for me to type down the title of a post, before writing it, as I believe that my hands have the freedom of wandering on the keyboard, typing letters, forming up words, at random, before headlining the piece. Today, the case is not completely the same.

I am punching in random words, but I am punching them with tired hands, droopy eyes, minutes prior to a final exam that would, to some extent, define my short-term academic career.

I apologize for blabbing, but I feel like bothering this other young girl sitting next to me, probably annoyed by the constant, rapid keyboard taps.

I want a warm bed and a lengthy, uninterrupted sleep.

I'll fail the exam :).

I'm returning to Kuwait soon.

This is not to be advertised by my various other outlets.


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