Saturday, June 14, 2014

All Black 2

The dark attic constructed a cozy atmosphere, an atmosphere of comfort and solitude, with nothing being able to break that. The presence of her next to him, made it all perfect, as her scents infused into the air, adding bliss-to-bliss, and lust-to-lust. The sweet smell of her hair, lying on the corner of his temple, enflaming his body to desirable fantasies. A small bed was framing them, and innocence was slowly escaping their characters. They were there, right next to each other, intertwined in heat and desire.

The dim twinkle lights above added extra shadows of mystique onto her figure, making her the more wanted, the more needed. His attempts to satisfy this raging hunger within him were subdued by her constant rebuttals. Her smile as she dodges his kisses, his wandering hands, grounding his senses of sanity and reason. The contradiction of it all was baffling him, here she is, allowing him to be at such close proximity to her, his arms engulfing her, yet she’s confidently testing his gentle attributes, the defining things that would constitute a gentleman.

Her moves, her breaths were taunting him, ridiculously examining his ability to stay sane, as she lay to his right, within his reach, her breath tickling his face, and vice versa, under that cold duvet. His heartbeat was also running loose, exposing his weakness, his desire, as they tirelessly pumped blood through him, allowing her the satisfaction of knowing the damage she’s causing, the correct result of whatever game she’s playing.

She started moving, as he surrendered and conformed to her wishes, lying on his back, giving up to her tactics of this game. She looked at him, strongly, knowingly, and almost apologetically, providing him with the apprehension that he passed the test, and due reward was about to be given. She gets closer, eyes fixed on his, absorbing his powers within the duel, and began kissing his forehead, exposing her beautiful neck to his needing eyes, decorated by her dandling black hair.  She lowered with the kisses, kissing his right eye, and then the left, driving him crazy with her scent, and her pecks increasing the temperature of the non-existent space between them. His senses knew better than to try anything stupid himself, and kept him still, as his body responded to her touches of magic and heavenly pleasure. She slipped to his ear, and started teasing them with her mouth, winning a sure battle. She then awarded him a little peck on his mouth, with which he couldn’t resist. His eyes were fixated on hers, as she defied him to move, and he did, he wanted more, daring to raise himself and return the kiss, as they both looked, stunned at the beauty of it all and the rebellion taking place. The strength of the look, the astonishment, and the moment of mutual agreement that was exclusively exchanged between their eyes, provided the go. They battled, and they kissed, never losing eye contact, as if wanting to store this minute forever, without any regrets, and with the utmost of hope. They kissed lavishly, strongly, confidently, maturely, acting within their senses, as they both lost their senses, allowing their hearts, mouths, hands, and most importantly, their eyes, do the talking.

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