Monday, August 2, 2010


It was just an ordinary stroll took by 'him' along the beach. No pre-walk plans, no scheduled timings ahead of it. Nothing. Just a thought about walking, that triggered the actual stroll.

He did believe that a person should take a few hours off his surroundings and have some moments for himself. The thing is that, most of his hours were to himself already. Nobody asking about him, and not reaching out to anyone. Just him and himself.

He started off alongside the approaching water. Barefooted. Feeling the coldness stored by the sea throughout the months of the summer sun.
Almost sensing that the sea is trying to show off it's successful efforts in withholding the cold temperature in it. But then he remembered how, he had the same coldness in him, despite of the heated events around him. He seized feelings.
He felt that, just thinking about those incidents a couple of months ago, he can collapse on the cold waves.

His sight transfixed towards the sky. That black canvas, glittered with countless stars. He recognized that sighting, he related to it. But couldn't figure out exactly how did he know it.
Suddenly, his chest ached. A wave of pain, rushed through his body. A sign. He then realized.
His heart. That black blank shape above of him was an exact portrayal of his own source of living.
That organ was black, enlightened by three stars, three loves.
Nothing else.

The stillness of that night scared him. Terrified him. The stillness took over the ever-increasing tone of the waves.

He sat down for a while, resting his tired body after that long walk. Looking out at the horizon. Noticing the minute, newborn rays of the rising sun peeking out of the stretched length of the sea.
The sea was growing fiercer every little moment.

He lied down on the moistening sand. Impressed by the breath-taking rise of the sun, the fast growth of light rays. Contemplating the opening of a new blank 'white' page. A virgin start.

Just as the exhilarating thoughts began rushing through his head, he saw a massive wave approaching steadily towards him. A similar one building up in his chest, hurting every muscle of his body.

He Laid on his back in an attempt to brush the, now, excruciating pain out of his system. Closing his eyes fooling his body into sleep.

The wave washed him, and resided back to it's sea.

Not to open his eyes again.


  1. This is soo saad!
    waaayy 7araaaaam kisar 5a6ri :(
    bas mashallah very beautifully (if thats even a word ;p) written!
    L description moo 6abee3i mashallah! :D

    P.S. i've been a silent reader for a while..but not anymore ;p

  2. Lol; Thanks ..
    With that you Made My, otherwise boring, day ..