Friday, July 30, 2010

Jumeirah Beach Residence

Yes, Im in Dubai!
How fast things can go is scary.
Not only that, after a few hours I'll be heading back to Kuwait after exactly one week staying in the mostly humid, outrageously high rising city of Dubai.
And, oh yes, I enjoyed every moment of it.
From the seemingly endless hours of reading Jeffery Deaver's thrillers in Movenpick's lobby to the brilliantly unscripted magical moments with my best friend and his cousin and his my best friend's father.
Great moments, really!

And oh, let me mention something. I've never seen as much knees, yes knees, in one place as much as Dubai.
el wa9'3 Sebeeeeeeeeeeel ..
You'd think you're in Europe, if not for the unmistakable gulf weather and the frequent Arabic inscriptions on the road signs.
Other than that, Knock your fuckin self out.

Not to mention, yesterday's venture to the hotel's last 'Party' before Ramadhan. The drinking, smoking and dancing was all new territory for me.
And No, rest assured, I didnt experiment.

This week, along with the tons of photos I personally took, shouldn't be forgotten, as it is really a refresher and a soothing way to prepare us, me and my bestie, for the IGCSE results upcoming on the 12th of next month.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this.
And also, I really miss my beloved Kuwait.
Now let me go finish the remaining 35 chapters of Rajaa Al Sanea's Girls of Riyadh, that I am really Savoring and Relishing, and aiming to finish before reaching Kuwait.

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