Friday, July 9, 2010


Our trip to Lebanon have been cancelled, and the annoying fragments of boredom have been increasing by the millisecond.
So, with the great intervention acted out by Ma Mere, she, so surprisingly, got me a summer job with The Ahli Bank of Kuwait.

The nice thing about the flawed job is that, I would wake up everyday at 6:30, take a refreshing shower, slip into the already prepared and incensed dishdasha, put on, so gratefully, my 3'etra and wake up my dad to deliver to the Head office of the Bank.
Not to metion, my agonizing footwear which consists of some kind of pointy shoes, made apparently to annoy the wearer of such item.

Although yesterday just marked my 3rd day of a 3-week journey at the bank, I noticed the absolute lack of work I was handed.
I'd just sit behind a person who at that moment hates his life, and to increase his frustration, I'm added to the equation, and he would, oh so unmannerly, teach me the arts of such job.
At only my third day, I noted that most of them would give up on me, and just spill their miseries to my listening and comprehending ear. They would, excusably, talk about their regrets, and how they hate their job. How they wished they would continue their studies, and have a better job. Their talks have a lot of needed advice to me. I'm always listening and handing a consolable word or two. But most of them just fucked up.

And the clients, well most of them have petty problems and just need to acknowledge the existence of the World Wide Web and actually learn how to solve them, whilst the others do just worry about the couple of thousands of Dinars in their bank account. The costumers are good, Sh7alat-hum, a lot of them come with a good-hearted will.

The thing that is shocking, is the amount of commissions charged at each and every transaction. Dinars and Dinars are wasted from costumers and clients on very easy transactions. And the more shocking thing is that almost all of these commissions can be played around and dealt with, with no single Fils wasted.

The Bank is actually good, the beautiful thing about it is that most of the people working have a good aroma and presence. No air of hatred or bad charisma.

3-days, and more of this is actually noted but forgotten right now.

Now the question is, should I mention the name of the bank or is it unprofessional from my part. I seem to be very critical in this post. I'm almost imagining the manager actually calling me up to her office demanding an explanation for this post. But, then again, Its not like my blog is the most read thing in Kuwait!

gonna Post it!


  1. Sorry about your trip and the summer job and welcome to work force, even if its for a short while..

    A couple of my friends work there, they complain a lot about the place. Sure like hell it ain't Disney Land ;p
    There is never a great job, every job got sucky parts that come with it. So try to make the best out of it and learn as much as you can. Will come in handy some day.

    Best of luck ;)

  2. Can I apply now and How?
    I'm looking for a summer job. Too late i knw;/
    do you know any place other than ABK ?

  3. Vainglorious; Tara Its a Nice Job; Mafeeha Shay .. Bess In the post I Was VERY critical; Madree Laiish .. ;p ..

    N; At Al-Ahly; No .. O Madree; I Really Dont Know; Bess Check the Net .. Akeed Aku Applications .. ;p .. Sorry ..

  4. alaaaah wanasaa my cousin last year kan yeshtigiil summer job eb abk inshalah you have fun

    um flfola

  5. Nice job! are u sure? it seems tough one :)

    & sorry about ur trip :(

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