Friday, August 13, 2010

Solidaire Memoirs

27/7/2010 23:55
Downtown, Beirut.

Absorbing the familiar feel of Beirut's biggest tourist attraction, Sale7 got seated at the reasonably crowded Le Petit Cafe. With music on full blast at M7md 3abdu's songs, and the uncomfortable hustle of the waiters, he tried to suck everything in with a deep inhale of the smoke of different Sheesha Flavors, followed by a rejuvenating exhale to balance everything in his system.
Whilst tipping the waiter, Sale7 ordered his usual 'two apples' m3assal, with a glass full of ice to accompany his can of Pepsi. He, then, set his sights on the tables nearby and examined every face, every piece of clothing and every beauty surrounding him.
Solidaire was, as usual, bustling with life. Pretty gals, mostly Saudi, filling up the center attraction of this city. And Sale7 wasn't complaining, he didn't mind some eye candy.

As he puffed rich, white, apple flavored, smoke through the atmosphere, he heard the starting tunes of a once favored song. Tunes that he wished he wouldn't listen to again. Tunes that particularly raised his emotions. Especially in Lebanon, especially in Solidaire.
He listened as the tunes soon collaborated with words and became a perfect portrayal of him and his past and present and maybe his distant future.

The song.

1/6/2009 20:20
Downtown, Beirut.

"Sale7, Chenni De5t." Said the soundly synced voice of Layla.
Sale7 Returned. "Shasaweelech?, Tawha Ma 9arat Tes3, O Ana Emmazejj 7aleyyan Ma3a BuNourah O Sheeshtee, Fa Ma 3alaiich Amer, Bakammel Tamzeejtee."
"Enzain Banam, Walla De5t! Yalla 3ad Sallou77."
"Tara Ana el Dala3 el Zayed Hathaa, Ma Yamshee 3endee, Tabeen Tamsheen?, Ka Aku Malyoun Taxi, 20 Dollar o Ywaddeech el She88a" Sale7 replied saracastically.
"Bess enta Tadree, Ya A5 9ale7, el 7abeeb, Ennee Ana Ma A3arf Anaam ellaa 3ala Karshetekk" She replied with an increased pitch in her voice.
"9ij?" Rhetorically.
"Ee yuba, T3awwadt 3ala karshetekk hathe"
"Enzain Layla, bess t5ale9 hal e3'neyaa namshe, Ok 7abeebtee?"
As she rested her head on his shoulder, Layla whispered, "Sale7, tara a7ibbik"
With a long kiss on her head, he replied gently "Wana akthar!"

As a tear began to build up, Sale7 fixated his sight at the people pilgriming The Solidaire, showing off their lavish clothing and sparkly accessories. Reminiscing on the possibilities that followed that heavenly night. The innocence that engulfed it and her. 'A touch of majestic brilliance' as he always described her.
The more he thought of that particular moment of time, the more pain seemed to choke his own breath. That moment, that summed up her. Just Her. Layla.
Memories began to flood.

EddeSands, Jubail.

At the famous beach, a large percentage of the attendance were model-like beauties. Layla sensed her heart sinking into her chest as a hint of jealousy started to unease her presence. She forgot to acknowledge her lengthy hours at the gym, her slim figure and the eyes turning at the sight of her entrance to the pool area with a very short overall that covered a soon-to-bewilder red bikini.
She clasped Sale7's hand as she picked two beach chairs and got seated after arranging the towels.
Layla took off her overall and lied down on the extended chair to get comfortable under the sun. She, then, began to oil herself with the suntan and caught a glimpse of Sale7 staring at her.
"Shfeek T6ale3 Chithee?!"
"I'm stunned?!"
"Laish Balla?, Feeh Shay 3'ala6 Shaklee?!" Layla said as she was checking herself for faults"
"Perfection" He replied with utter confidence that surprised her.
"3asa Allah La Ya7remnee Mennekk"

Hidden tears followed.

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    Moo 6abee3ii mashallah!
    Seriously you should consider writing a book!

    ibda3 as usual :D

    bas ana la7atht shay madri itha 9a7 wla la2 bas here it matter how happy your writings are a7is fee hidden sadness ;p