Saturday, June 26, 2010


My one and only.
The candle that lights my family.
The smile that melts my heart.
The hug, that solves everything.
The innocent kiss, that I need, I just need for me to complete my day efficiently.
The talks, the surprisingly intriguing talks, that richen my heart with joy, pride and unlimited love.

UmSalem, I Can't sum her up in a post. Hell, she can never be summed up.

She owns one of those rarely found hearts, that never explored evilness. A heart that is absolutely free of hatred. A heart that never holds any grudges.
A heart that literally pours unconditional kindness.

The happiness that I naturally possess during her presence, the satisfactory feeling that I gain by just knowing that she's there, right next to me, playing with her medallion on the ground.

An example of a pure creation.

Allah Ya7fe9' E5tee Lee; O Y5alleehaa Doum Salmaa; O Mestansa; O Met-hanya!


  1. ahlaaaaaaan !!
    im a silent reader bss i love your blog o your honesty
    o alah y5ali e5tik lik inshalah

    um flfola

  2. UmSalim <3

    Allah ya7feth'ha o ydeemha ma7aba beenkom :D