Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm actually finished. Finished. FINISHED!
I Can't Believe it; absorb it?; I'm actually finished.
No more school; No more School!; No More School!
I can't imagine my self school-less! I just Can't.
My Life?
11 years; Every day of the eleven years; I've been going to that School.
And Now .. Poof .. It's Finished.

I Can't Sense Freedom!
I can't feel freedom!
I've been told that these are bitter-sweet moments!
I don't Find any Sweetness; NONE!

I'll miss it!
I'll miss my friends, and not the ones that I'm close to; NO .. The ones that I just say 'Hi' to. Those are the ones that make it better!
I'll miss the teachers!; No more endless conversations of Non-School related topics.
No more shit singing in the corridors!
No more 'Good Mornings' To smiling people!

I just can't comprehend it!
I'm Finished!

I don't like this feeling!
I don't like change!

Baq9am; Has left the Campus :(!

1 comment:

  1. looooooooooool

    baq9ooma get iver urself ahoo :P

    just think of whats ahead of you,.. a wonderful life a wonderful experience

    nas ydarsonek o nas yzorenek ;)