Sunday, June 6, 2010

Did I Do a Mistake?

The occasional doubt is kicking in again! Since I realised that I'm actually an agnostic person, I stopped praying due to the obvious reason. But I miss it, I really do.
Although it was just an 'exercise', the impact it has on my life proved to be apparent. The satisfaction you get after each prayer, and the relief you experience is what anybody would long for. Who doesn't want a constant feel of relief, 5 times a day, 7 day a week and so on.
Also, the fact that I'm constantly lying to my mum, is nerve-wrecking. I hate seeing myself deceive my mother. She expects me to pray, and I need to pray, bess for God; Mu 7agha.
The question is; Did I do a mistake by stopping my prayers?
Should I be praying even though, I'm in an extreme state of doubt.

The good thing is that by Saturday, I'll be starting my quest, by reading Tafseer el 8ur2an; something I really am looking forward to.


  1. hey i'm a new follower.. i like the way you express urself :)
    of course you should start praying again.. Prayer has the power to transform our fear into faith.. It's good for both our bodies and souls..
    Good luck with everything ^^

  2. The thing is average, is that your thinking way too hard, to make up an excuse, to simply just not pray.
    It takes you five minutes, maximum .. Whats holding you back?

    It3awath men iblees and shake those dirty out'a your head.

    If you want to pass your IG's, and have the 'healthy life' stay on Gods good side.
    He's not asking for much.

  3. I agree with anonymous.
    Look, I think if you're feeling bad about not praying, then you should do it. Let the deceiving thingy on a side, and just think about the act itself, you feel relieved and at peace afterwards, Why Stop it?
    It's not a mistake by the way.