Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Lack of a Certain 'Want'

My Real Deal Ig Exams Are Coming up in 5 months.

well At the Beginning Let me Sum up to you what are MY Ig's (IGCSE Exams) ..
Well; The Period Where My Exams start and End is the Defining period of my Entire Life. It decides my Humble But Probably Festive Future. The 13 years of Studying are summarised in a 1-month exam Drenched/saturated period!

Well To See My Sum of those exams; You may think, Well a normal person would start studying Right Now, At this second to ensure a good percentage at the end; But unfortunately Ladies and Gentlemen, Average is far from Normal :( ..

These exams start at may, and People in my school are starting their tuitions and started preparing for those exams, But Me?; No; .. My Laptop is occupying 99% of my hours awake and the other hours of the day Im snoring .. :( ..


Well; I Lack the want to Study .. I Dont Know Why But I cant seem to make my brain adapt to the fact that; '' Ok Average start Studying, Attempt to Study' .. But Another No; I seem to Cant do it ?

remember My Mocks; My School Still didnt Issue my grades; So I think My Brain is waiting for those results ?; But Probably Its just lying to me .. :/ .. It wants me to think like that ..

Or is It El Shaii6an?
Madree .. :/ ..

What Do i Doo ??

PS; Now My Blog is done; How do i Advertise Itt :P?
I Suffer from LAck of Comments .. and Me; I Franklyy Need attention .. In Here and In Reality ..


  1. walla 7atanna i cant start studying for the up coming finals ;/ everytime i set a date y9eer fene la bacher abde derasa mu elyoum ;( madre shfeene alla y3ena..Bs khalas enshala ill start this week end mako 6al3a g3da o derasa o watch tv bel breaks wanes rou7ek + drink coffee then edres again ;p

  2. ya enta ya obo el attention :P
    comment in other ppl's blgo and they'll visit you ;)

    o ana atwasa fek ;) ;p

    o edres !!!!

    STUDY !! Wala no ice cream for u :P

  3. I didn't start studying for my igs until the mocks.

    in march..

    then i stopped..

    then before the exams in a week..

    i just studied...

    i got 2A*, 2As, 3Bs, n a C in physics [that I did NOT study for at all. Through out the 3 years of my ig "training" Never opened a book for]

    IGs are VERY Simple!

    Common sense to the core..

    trust me, ur in heaven!

    once u land in AS land..

    Now that my friend, is what I call Hell. -_-

    I was freaking out somewhere along the way..

    but then I stopped caring at all..

    Tho, If i did study a bit more..

    I Would've got an A* in bio.. [B]

    n A* in Math [A]

    n so on..

    Study to understand..

    not to mug up >_<

    Ppl who did that, got Cs n Ds..

    Take one Chapter a week for each subject

    5 Months is like.. WOOOW!

    Best of lucky buddy!