Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Cocktail Of Feelings ..

dizziness, tiredness, Minute Depression, Gratefulness, Far-Reaching Ambition, Pressured!! ..

And loads More Streaming in my Veins, Is it the Fact that im not opening a single book, Or Is it that Crush that i cant brush off After Several Tries!

I find Myself seeking measures to escape reality; Its Either by playing hours and hours of Football Manager Or by reading a Book, Or just sitting in a toilet counting tiles on the wall and the best way is to Sleep!

These measures are tiring me!!


I also Hate the Fact that I lack Imagination!
I Lack the Ability to think, To Make, to Brainstorm!
To Write!
I Want To Write .. I Dream Of Writing, But I Cant!


I Dont Mind A Psychiatrist .. !!

1 comment:

  1. bq9oooma <3

    start writing !! i think you'll become a great writer, you're already one ;)

    O STUDY!!!! :@