Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Lust Itt ..

Waking up in the morning, bored to death. Knowing that I will go through that routine of work that is always similar with its mostly unpleasant surprises. Having the thought at the back of my head that something is missing, expecting a bad event to happen in the next few hours.

Working as a paediatrician is hard work. Its not just having a childishly decorated office with lots of clichéd cartoon pictures. This is just the deceiving cover to a neck paining job.

Lots of Routine work ahead of me. Many over concerned parents with that extra bit of cash send their servants to me tagging along their obviously spoilt children with a little cough or running nose to check on them. Well I cant complain, these cases are the my primary source of income that I depend on.

The cases that really concern me and touch me deeply are the heart breaking ones. Parents with limited income forced to take a loan and bring their children for a diagnosis and a cure but for rare but possible cases, to get the definite bad news that their baby is going to highlight his mortality in a short period of time.

That case that i will eventually get is the one that is ringing the bells of reality at the back of my head for as hoping that this wont happen is a silly thought after time.

The Only thing that will exclude me of that effing reality is a cigarette.

That moment of pure exhilarance is what I Lust in my cigarette. Watching the orange baby flame flicker and fight its way through that entangled forest is enough to trigger my adrenaline glands every time.

Delivering that mysterious smoke to the air with such smoothness and seeing its successful efforts to camouflage itself in thin air is a endearing craving. Almost like mocking a magicians trick with such subtleness.

And With it having a cup of americano coffee that will knock out the small left out bits of sleep out of my head.

A small Part of me loves my job, A Big part of me loves what I do before my job. A Ciggy and Coffee!

*All of this is from My Imagination; Except the part of me lusting a ciggy .. ;p ..
** I DONT SMOKE!; I just lust it ..


  1. Loo moo garya a5er line chan I closed the tab w never opened ur blog again :P
    I can't stand ppl who smoke :S
    and I'm glad that you don't, la2ana its not healthy and sorry for saying this bas its disgusting!

    and you have an amazing blog mashallah!!
    and I'm guessing you want to be a doctor so good luck :)

  2. looool ana kent emzahba zaffa 6ol eb 3arth :P

    ashwa enek ketabt akher line lool