Sunday, May 1, 2016

Law School Finals II

Here I am once more, in the midst of another grueling season of law exam finals wasting time at a late, or early, hour writing about my current miserable existence. Well it's not really miserable, it's tiring and overshadowed by doubt as to my knowledge of the courses I'm about to be tested about. And seemingly, I can't even write coherent English sentences.

So yup, another semester. More memories I guess. More law-like intelligence I'm assuming, or hoping. I guess I can say stuff like: "O darling, you have truly adversely possessed my heart," or "you broke it by breaching your duty of good faith, although only a few jurisdictions recognize that duty in termination clauses." This is utterly pathetic, right?

Let me write about something else. The beginning of this semester created something different in the way I look. I developed a condition called Alopecia which is sudden patchy hair loss because, for some medically unknown reason, my antibodies are attacking my hair follicles. So yes, my head looks like a globe right now and it's not really amusing. I love my hair, and now I cannot control my hair. It's not really a huge issue; I couldn't care less about how I look; well I do, especially if I start losing my eyebrows and my mustache, but right now I believe I am handling it adequately. Also, the steroid injections I take to treat it (no progress so far) are painful. But I mean I'm glad it's just Alopecia and not something more serious.

Now that the medical update and pity inducing paragraph is done, I should yet write about something else. What else? Yes, my semester this year was and still is sponsored by the late Yousef Al-Mi6ref. Such an amazing musician that guy was. The sadness in almost all of his songs is truly saddening.

There was a brief beautiful distraction this semester, as well.
"في عيونه سحر يفتك بالرجال، والحلا بالشعر الأسود لانتفش."

Anyhow, I should go to sleep now. Let me tell my future self that this was a nice semester. Nothing really special. To two more years, yes? Yes, if I do well.


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