Thursday, January 22, 2015

And It Starts

A new city, a new way of life, a new year. A new everything. 

The desperation seen on his eyes was obvious. The puffed, darkened bubbles of skin underneath fainting the emergence of the wrinkles bordering them. He hadn't slept for a while. He wanted to know the answer but nothing is to be let on. He had no way of knowing anything for certain.

The setting wasn't set for such a sad appearance. He was in the best of dishdashas, dashing out Armani cufflinks on a stylish light blue shirt contrasting the navy blue of his attire. An ironed chma'3 shaping to a perfect nasfa. Winter was always his fashionable season.

The years of play were to be forgotten, but how is he to convince an angelic woman of his repentance? She was the embodiment of everything he had no taste for a few months ago, but. There is always a but.

But she now owned him and her decision was the defining point of the newly acquired start, the clean slate he is to build everything on top, everything pure and magnificent. The yes or no are which would elate or devastate him.

Till the day this doesn't become new, I'll stop. 

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