Sunday, May 18, 2014

All Black

The intrigue, the subtleness, the surrender. There, right next to me, a creature of power and strength, entangled by mystique and warmth. I wanted him, I needed him. The sharp stare of his eye, the depth, the impersonal gaze flooding my consciousness, blanketing all sorts of common sense that I once possessed, detaching reality and embarking me onto a threshold of magic and wistful lust.

An infelicitous sensation swarmed within me, groping my sensations, encouraged by the twilight of the room, glowed by only a couple of twinkle christmas tree lights above us, faintly scintillating his sturdy eyes that shot right inside of me. Subdued piano notes were played in the distance, voyaging our moment into utopian extremes. Races of blood rushed through me as he moved closer, surpassing realism and ushering in perfection. 

Perfection of a touch, a connection, an immaculate means of communication entrancing my senses, blurring my understanding of logic and reason, propelling my body into abnormal heats, flaming my insides, providing me abstracts of hedonistic pleasures. A kiss of infinite proportions, destined for survival, destined for us. 

A kiss that infiltrated me, destroying all bridges of piety that once stood in me. The warmth of his mouth tantalizing mine as I seek for more, exploring universes of untouched sensualities. I held his face as I delved through him, feeling his early beard, directing his motions senseless of any immoral guilts. I have him, I accept him, and now I enjoy him. He pushed further with his lips, his tongue anticipating mine as I parted my lips. I'm tasting him, tasting his aroma, his delights, surrendering my opening, my words, my security to his fine power. 

He ended it and took a look at me. The beauty of those eyes, filled with manly lusts and desires. A twinkle. I felt weak but I welcomed that weakness, I embraced it, as I pushed him over, and initiated my own kissing episode. This shouldn't end, and it won't end. I covered him, clasping his strength, his figure of undeniable excellence and kissed. He succumbed to my endless need with utmost delicacy, adding to the uncontrollable heat within me. The sound of the distant piano paced through me. I clutched him, moving disorderly on top of him, trying to subdue my unyielding ardor. My tongue seeking his, playfully engaging in a full scale war, where no one is a loser nor a winner. 

I felt his loss of senses, his lack of mind when he abruptly gripped my tiny body, and instantaneously carried me barely losing contact with my mouth. He carried me to the room with meticulous care, his delicate touches enraging all sorts of fervors within me. Nothing mattered in my life but my demand of him to put down my raging fires, my crazy lusts. 

He put me and blanketed me with his body, adding heat to heat, engulfing my perceptions except for him. I yearned, as he resumed his kisses, moving slowly, angering my inner feelings of need. His caressing fondles exquisitely flaring my temptations as they reach boiling temperatures. I was compelled by an urgent concupiscence, a steamy thirst for more. Much more. 

And I woke up. 

Note from writer: 
This is written from a female's perspective per the request of a dear person. 

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