Sunday, May 1, 2011

Starbucks 7

Regret began to infiltrate Yousef. The past two nights of drinking started to build up guilt in Yousef's conscience.
The reason why he drank was also cracking into him.
He drank because he thought of a girl that bewildered him. A girl that he saw just once, and could not take her off his mind. How could he do that? Why would he do that?

And now, here she was, heading towards him with a white paper cup, looking ever so fascinating. He met her again, at another Starbucks in another city, yet the effect was exactly the same.


Hatred was the other aspect of his feelings. He hated the bars, he hated his mentality, he hated his lack of faith. He realized how big of a mistake drinking was. Not only to him, but the shame that would be bought to his family, if anybody knew.

He hated how he honored his late mother. He honored her by getting wasted.

The girl that made his heart beat faster with each step she takes to approach him shouldn't be forgotten through drinking. The girl that thrived with confidence, as she strides through the cafe, should be remembered. That girl, thought Yousef, should be loved.


27/12/2009 9:12
"Shfeek?" Said the girl, as she seated herself opposite of Yousef and noticed the different, grim expression on his face.
Yousef quickly adjusted his mindset and offered a genuine smile to her direction, "Mafeeny shay, 6al 3umrech, bess kent ga3ed afakker bsha'3la." Replied Yousef truthfully.
"Ahaa, my name is Dalal by the way." Said Dalal, as she returned the smile to Yousef.

Dalal & Yousef

"3ashat el asamy Dalal," he replied, "Wana esmy Yousef."
"O ne3m a5 Yousef."
"Allah yen3am b7alech, 6al 3umrech."
"Ee, O Shga3ed tsawy B-Dbay Mr. Yousef." Said Dalal with a playful smile, to try to break the ice.
"Walla, just partying out the engineering stress with a friend."

That innocent beauty.
That excruciatingly pretty smile.
Those eyes. Those indescribable eyes.

"Yousef, Yousef." Dalal called, interrupting his thoughts.
"Hala, 6al 3umrech, aamray." Yousef noticed that she was talking to him whilst he stared blatantly, straight at her eyes.
"Wain sera7t?" Although that was the second time she ever saw him, she felt comfortable asking him that question.
"Haa, laa walla, bess y3ny don't get me wrong, your eyes mashallah, wayed 7elween."
A blush escaped Dalal's cheeks. "Thanks." The reply was formal, yet that wasn't what she was feeling.
Before saying anything else to regain himself, Dalal continued, "El mohem, I got to go, 9ar akthar men 5 minutes, o a5af my cousins y7atouny, nice chatting with you Yousef, o hope to see you soon."
As she started to stand up from her seat, Yousef looked up and asked confidently, "And how will that happen, if I know nothing about you but your first name?"
"I'm sure I will," returned Dalal with the same confidence. "There are a lot of Starbuckses in this world."
A smile followed.
Understanding that particular remark, "Bye Dalal." Said Yousef with a grin overwhelming his face.
"Bye Yousef."

Butterflies never escaped their tummies, that day.