Saturday, April 30, 2011

Starbucks 6

Those brown eyes never left his mind. He kept thinking about them, endlessly. Yousef thanked his memory for remembering them so vividly.
He longed for more, he wanted to know more. What did she like? What did she hate? Was what he looked that day good? Good for her?
Who was she?
What's her name?

Yousef was waiting for 5aled to wake up after his long, eventful night out. Morning was Yousef's time, he loved the early, fresh breeze and thought that he could think much better in his mornings. Sipping his usual white mocha, with extra espresso shots to erase last night's heavy ingestion of Jin and watched people commute in and out the cafe.

Preferring the seat outside, to smoke his cig, Yousef let his mind wander. He let his mind wander into the details of her eyes.


28/12/2009, 9PM
"Oh it's you again?"
Startled, Yousef replied, "5air?" The face wasn't strange, thought Yousef. He knew those details, more than expected. A Deja Vu, he concluded hastily.
"Enta, the engineering guy, elly kent eb Mishref. Ee Enta."
Suddenly, the eyes began to sink into Yousef's system. She was her. "Entay." Yousef replied stupidly.
Glad he recognized her, "7asafa, there are no notes I can peek into this time," she replied with a fake frown.
Regaining his composure, he said, "Ma ye7taj yuba, a coffee is more than enough for you to have a seat, 6al 3umrech." He could not believe his own eyes.
"La, you seem to be enjoying yourself alone, I don't want to intrude, I just wanted to say 'hi'."
"Believe me, company is something very welcome with me."
"Ok, just for 5 minutes la2ana my cousins na6reeny in the hotel room, bess 5al aa5eth a mocha o ayee."
"7ayyach Allah."

Was this a start of something, wondered Yousef, as he watched her ordering from the barista?