Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Lucky Bastard

I am One lucky Bastard .. just a Fuckin Lucky Bastard ..
I entered most of my Ig Exams With almost no studying whatsoever and I think im doing good. I Seem very over confident .. Bess I didnt do not 1 exam where i Felt 'Fuck thats Hard' ..
O Madree Laiish ..

I mean; I'm not that Genius; Nor Im Smart in any Way ..
I Have some common Sense; But that doesnt make u pass Ig's ..

O El wagt where i need to Pray .. And Ask God for Help. Im Not .. Im Still in the Doubt Phase ..


What Makes me look forward to the Summer is that Im going to Explore something Soo Beautiful; So Miraculous .. So Powerful .. and Just Know it .. In my holidays ..
Uff; el Qur2an .. I Cant Waiitt .. On the 13th of june im gonna Start .. :P ..


3ali ebn Abee 6aleb .. Tsk tsk .. 5ayal ..


I realised that i Love writing, Reading .. I Adore these 2 Things in mee; and I adore Doing them ..
I Miss Reading for fun; I miss jefferey Deaver's Thriller Books .. I Want to write a Novel .. Weddee .. ;p ..


FourMe ..
I know She'll Get through this With Flying Colours ..


Just Because im talking to this person right now; I'll Mention them .. YA .. :P ..
Lets See; When Will They See this .. ;p ..


I know i bought it to myself .. Bess I Hate that I lost my Anonymity .. I Cant A keep a Secret About me to myself .. I trust ppl ever so easily .. ;/ ..
Bess laiil7een el 7amdella Nobody Betrayed that .. :D ..


Mmm .. Bess; I miss Posting here .. bess in a Few days time Ra7 Tmelloun menne ..


I Finish my Ig's at the 11th ..

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  1. LOOOL .. Met Men il the7eek men il title " One lucky basterd " LOOOOOOOOOOL .. nshalah matdesh imte7annat wenta mo dares ya3ni .. Shed 7ailek .. :P