Friday, May 28, 2010

Faster Than a Ferrari?

Time is running with ferocious velocity and it't accelerating by the second.
Everybody is noticing this; seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades are flying by unnoticed, unappreciated.
I don't like it.

I hate that time is becoming of passive importance amongst a lot of people. People just don't understand the concept of it nor do they pay it enough attention, I don't even understand it. But what's really obvious and almost all of us are oblivious about is that time is escaping.

Where is it?

Yesterday, just yesterday was new year's eve.
before yesterday was the day I opened this blog, oh and by the way, before yesterday is Average's first birthday.

How is it like that?
What makes like that?
How can I Saviour the moments of joy, pride, happiness and even sadness?
How can I remember all of these feelings, all of these momories that are fading from my mind by the minute?

I hate that I have a bad memory, I hate that I can't remember everything, especially the good and funny stuff of my life.
I envy people that can remember joyful moments and just laugh at them and admire them whilst I can't do that.

Funny enough, one of the only things that makes me look forward for judgement day is the fact that I can remember absolutely everything that happened in my life. I'd probably don't want that at the time due to my heavy sins and very little deeds, but right now, that's one of the things that makes me assured and content.

Returning to our present, Where is time? Why is it in such a dangerous hurry?

I don't want to blink and another year passes by, I really don't.

This frightening speed taken up by time belittles life on Earth, it just makes it very insignificant.
What's life?
Just several decades of joy and agony that is all summed up under Earth. Whether rich or poor, whether good or bad, we're all heading for the same direction.
And that's scary, Is there something afterwards?
Will we be remembered in a good way?
Will we survive the hereafter?

Time is an extremely interesting subject. It's just so enlightening and acts like a lesson every time you think about it. It moralizes a human being and makes him understand the importance of life or its unimportance. Such an effective way of teaching a lesson.

I know that with a blink of an eye, I'll remember writing this, a month from now or even a year, or even a decade, and think about it exactly the same.

"Time proved to be Faster than a Ferrari" ..

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  1. Hello ..
    its an intresting Subject to write about .. and yes time is passin by so quckly .. Hatha a7na ga3dein in3esh zeimanna oo zimana sareee3 .. 3ala golathom "3a9er il sor3a" oo about forgeting .. tara its a blessing .. imagine that you remmember every single thing in your life you will remmember the bad times in your life and you will remmember the bad feelings while going through it more than the happy moments .. and if you forget your past memories.. just make new ones and take LOTS OF PICTURES :P ...

    PS: injoy your day like there is no tommorow ..