Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Cause For Celebration?

Writing about you is a hard job. As you enter into the month of your anniversary and be celebrated by the your loving masses I find myself wanting to celebrate you too. Unfortunately, there is nothing to celebrate.

You're ragged, rigid, spiteful, traditional, backwards, almost insane and with no look ahead whatsoever. You lost that bright twinkle in your eyes and that mesmerizing smile which brought many to a halt of admiration. Your ability to reach the unexpected turned into expected shortcomings. You suddenly seem to have no potential whatsoever and people are repelled by your aura of stagnation. Is this really you?

You're not the same anymore. You're a shadow of what you used to be; a vibrant entity of love and acceptance encompassing all others around you and sharing everything you owned with everybody. You were in the care of caring people who understood what you needed and needed what you offered. A reciprocal relationship which illuminated with magnificence. You used to surpass expectations, fulfilled unmatched potentials. You were a space for peace.

You once allowed people to talk to you and about you with no fear of the prospect of your anger. You accepted criticism and built upon those true and honest words. You did not care about what those peers around you thought, you only cared about those who were within you. And with that, prosperity engulfed you. Excellence was common and leadership became a natural result thereof. You proved everyone wrong by establishing a system unheard of around you. Your servants became the people who dictated your future and fulfilled your ambitions. They gathered under a ceiling named after a true lover of yours and sought your satisfaction. And you gave back. You loved each and every person connected with you.

And you were envied, for a close friend stabbed you in the the back and turned into foe. Evil violated you, attempting to reverse the excellence you accumulated. Yet your people refused to submit to that mysterious force of vile, and marched peacefully in protest of the ugly gown you were forced to wear. They stood hand in hand and worked to resist that unusual force with means they were not used to. And again, you proved to be different and validated all fairy tales; good defeats evil. Your plight motivated the world and they fought for you. You survived.

The new mission was apparent and those who loved you and wanted you did not fail you. You were reclothed with that same cloth of excellence. You regained your step and returned to what you once were.

But you changed. You became too confident, too cocky. And although your kindness did not completely change, you suddenly became moody and indifferent. You began to hit the hands of those who were trying to care for you and rewarded those who disrespected you. You lost a diamond here and a ruby there but you never did anything. You knew that it wasn't your carelessness which caused those losses but an organized attempt by those who took advantage of your gullible nature. And with that you lost care as you lost one of your recent lovers and another came into the picture. Those who cared for you began to lose interest yet happily accepted what little you had to offer.

Your peers now excelled and you sat down doing absolutely nothing of value. That vibrant energy subtly turned into a stagnant lack of mobility and care. And people within you started to voice their concern. They couldn't stand seeing you dive into a destructive wilderness. But your new lover's thoughts contradicted those who criticized your new path. Your lover did not believe in your values.

And now, you're something different. You're lost in that wilderness with no apparent way out as you exclude those who really care about you and bring in those who care only about their personal wellbeing. Instead of solidifying your beauty and enriching what you have to offer, your new lover is now caring about how to keep his status as your lover. The praise which you enjoy is sourced out of fear or false pretenses, and for the first time, your lover is enjoying all of the fake praise. That true independence is not so true anymore.

You're not you anymore.

Yet, there is always that hope that you'll regain your senses and allow the genuine caretakers to once again take care of you and clothe you with true love. They're trying as hard as they can right now, even as you shun them, and your arm entangles a stubborn lover's arm. You taught us that despite all of the lovers and all of the enemies you face over the years, you are the one which remains and they die off.

Dearest, I'll celebrate your past, and hope for your future. I'll bet on us and the strength of time to change you. Please pardon me for despising your current lover but know that I'll always love you and your people.

"You're your people's journey into daylight.
You're your people's smile of destiny."

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