Sunday, November 21, 2010

Starbucks 1

Days were ordinary for Yousef. Very ordinary. Engulfed by his studies at ACK, Yousef was trying to prove everybody wrong.
To prove that life, although endlessly cruel, is a beatable thing.
To prove that miseries and woes piled on upon him, could be dissolved and hidden, although only temporarily.
Life for this, 18 year-old, was simply dragged in and puffed out through his Silver Dunhill treasures.

He also found another outlet to hide himself from life. Studying. Yousef found peace and tranquillity in placing himself regularly near the left window of Mishref's well-known starbucks. Over-studying himself.
Getting that engineering degree was Yousef's idea to the route of freedom. Freedom from the shackles of life. Freedom from the chains of his ever-lasting miseries. Freedom from everyone.


Yousef was roaming Mishref Co-Op getting a routine ciggy break from his studying, holding a paper cup of the cold white mocha he ordered an hour ago and drinking the remaining sips of it.
As he crushed the bud and returned to the packed coffee shop, he was surprised by a foreign presence at his seat.
A girl was seated on his chair and seemed to be looking through his notes. Yousef did not recognize her.
Meanwhile, Yousef did recognize that she was a beautiful girl. He felt somewhat fortunate.
The girl, was dressed in a knee-length white dress complimented by a brown bag. Yousef also noticed how perfectly tanned her skin was.
"5air?" Yousef faking his impatience.
Surprised, the girl hesitantly but softly replied, "Walla sorry, mu 8a9dee. Ana yait o ma legait mukan o enta mukanekk fa9'ee, fa gelt ag3aad o a5ale9 my drink o amshee"
"O notatee?!, You're going through them e5tee."
Comfortable with the English, she fluently returned, "I study engineering, O well, la7a9't inna you do too, so I took a look. Bess Sorry, I really didn't mean on intruding."
With that she stood, faintly blushing, and apologized again then left swiftly.
Yousef, adjusting himself back to the seat was simply mesmerized.